Saturday, 9 July 2011

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Never, Never, Never Give Up

If you have been looking for a work at home job but your efforts have come up short, then it is understandable that you might have become frustrated, annoyed or even depressed towards your failure as you ask: Are there any legitimate work at home job opportunities? When you have come to that stage in your search, you are then faced with the fact that you are now at a crossroads. Do you quit or do you continue? This is a question whose answer may decide the success or failure of your entire life. This is not overly dramatic if your dreams and goals are dependent upon being able to pay for your dreams. Money is not the most important thing in the world but if you want a family, to pay your bills on time or to move from the apartment which you currently occupy to a house for your and your spouse and children, then yes, money is very important.

Do not quit! A key idea to the 5th Chapters of Romans states that the more than one goes through to obtain something, the more that it will be appreciated. When I first read that, I spoke aloud that I would already greatly appreciate the pain that I have gone through to work towards the fruition of my goals and that I already possessed enough character! However, it would be a couple more years before my goal came to fruition. Would it have been better had I obtained my goal years earlier? I do not know. Nobody likes pain. Nobody likes failure but sometimes it makes us who we are if we respond to the aforementioned with a determined response.

There are some that have gotten knocked down and chose never to get back up. However, it is those within the History books who have done something great, who choose not to quit. Very infrequently does one simply stumble upon a life changing moment in time. Yes, these occur from time to time but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Thomas Edison used more than 3,000 different filaments before he found the one that worked for his incandescent lamp. He worked 20 hour days and slept with his head on his desk for months before he invented the light bulb and as a result, the world has been illuminated for more than 125 years. Had he quit, the light bulb still would have been invented but when would it have been invented? Also, what other inventions by Edison would have either been delayed or which would have never come to fruition had he failed with the light bulb? Had Edison contained a defeatist attitude, it is likely that the world would never have known the name of Thomas Alva Edison.

Do not tell me that everything has already been invented or that you will fail because you have failed in the past. You can do it!

You can quit your search towards a better life for you and your family and continue to live your life of quiet desperation, OR you can try something different! Click on this website Enter ID number 7320 and begin your education about a system that really works! Watch the videos and the testimonials and then request a call back. You will be glad that you did.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost

Any questions? Contact me at ALL questions will be answered within 24 hours.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Reader Interaction Please

After discovering a new site last night, I am writing this blog from myself rather than always giving other people's work the space. I always see that using other people's stuff gives my content an interesting, well-written and informative stance, but it's not from me so it's not original and lack of originality is not what I want for my blog. I have enough experience to write and really I should be writing more, but I just worry sometimes about the ideas well running dry. I need your input too. What would you like me to write about? What is important for you? What don't you know about internet business that you would really like to?

Today, I visited It is an awesome opportunity for any business to fluorish. The idea is that the user joins and opens their own FREE shop. They can then design merchandise with all their own designs and selling it to people who visit the shop. I'll keep you posted on this one, but it's looking really good. CafePress must get paid in three ways. They take a cut from the sale of the merchandise, a really low premium membership and they would also be silly if they didn't take any proceeds from affiliate marketing. They would be leaving the money on the table if they didn't run an affiliate marketing advertising.

Other than that, I have been looking at other blogs, leaving comments and a link back to this blog and I have also joined an internet marketing forum and left a few comments.

So, it's now your room for comment, if you have clicked on the title of this post above. If you have, you will see a box below where you can leave a comment. I'm writing this for your benefit as much as anyone else, so please, please, please leave that comment and have your input.

5 Top Tips For Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fun and adventurous field to get involved in. People are changing their dull and dreary lives by creating full-figure incomes for themselves and their families online. If you want to dramatically change your life, become your own boss and feel a sense of freedom - then this is for you. However, as with anything in life, you need some help to really succeed at in your business. In this article we will discuss the five top tips you need to keep in mind when working on your internet marketing business. Implementing and practicing these tips can mean the difference between failing at affiliate marketing and being successful at affiliate marketing.

Don't just learn, do.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when entering into affiliate marketing is that they spend hours and hours every day learning about how to create fantastic websites, market them, monetize them and rank them in Google. This is the worst thing you can possibly do to your business. Start practicing. Minimize the amount of time you read every day learning new methods and experimenting with new things. Even if you can't design, get a basic design up so that you can have something up and running. Don't just read and wait for the "right time".

Be consistent.

You need to be consistent when it comes to affiliate marketing. In the beginning when you start working on your website, you might need to work eight hour days to get a fully-blooming affiliate marketing income from the business. Work consistently on your business every single day. Upload new articles, create new backlinks. Make sure that you work every single working day during the week. You can treat yourself to Saturday and Sunday off if you want, however.

Have Patience.

You need to have patience when working in affiliate marketing. You can't expect to see results immediately. You need to be patient and wait for results. If you're working with ranking your own websites, it can take a couple of months before you start seeing income coming from your websites. Just make sure that after three to four months you are making enough money to break even.

Be part of a community.

One of the best ways to succeed with affiliate marketing is to be part of an online community. You can join forums such as Warrior Forum, Wicked Fire, Digital Points Forum or any other internet marketing forum online. You can ask questions, receive advice and learn a lot of neat tricks from other people on the internet.
Stick to one method.

When people start doing affiliate marketing online, they dip all of their fingers in different pies.
This can be confusing to keep a handle with and people generally lose interest. If you buy an e-book that teaches you how to make money through Amazon sales, then stick with it until you see a profit or realise it won't work. Don't try a method for one day before giving up. Once you are profiting from one method, you can start with another.

Andrew Holtom is an experienced and accomplished online marketer. Andrew enjoys introducing newcomers to the profits of internet marketing and the skills required to market affiliate products. If you want to know more about online marketing, visit and grab a free 94 page guide to starting your own online business.

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Monday, 20 June 2011

How To Choose A Great Internet Business

The internet is littered today with scams and business opportunities trying to convince people that what they are advertising is a great internet business. The very fact that it is a lot of work to sift through the junk and the real businesses turns people off.

It is a mine field to find the right company online, but there are simple principles to use which makes it a lot easier. The most important thing to keep in mind is that any business which advertises guaranteed profits is definitely a scam.

No genuine business on the planet comes with a guarantee, whether it is online or offline. There is no short cuts to riches that pays you for just pressing a few buttons. All of these type of businesses fall in the category of "Too Good To Be True".

It is important to be looking for the right business model which makes it as easy as possible to sell the products or services that you are promoting. The most common business model that people choose is multi level marketing, or MLM.

MLM has had a bad reputation over the years and for a good reason. The most common recruiting tactic is to ask new members to write down a list of family and friends, and to then invite these people to home parties to then watch a presentation DVD. MLM companies are starting to wake up to the power of the internet and automated lead generation, but it makes little difference if you are marketing the wrong products.

Typical products that are promoted by MLM companies are lotions, potions, energy drinks, vitamins, holiday discounts, phones and juices. These markets have been around for many years are easily duplicated, which basically means that saturation makes it nearly impossible to make money. You need hundreds of people in your down line to be successful, and for this to be possible you need to speak to thousands of people.

High quality information products that are patented and have a high demand are what almost of all the top income earners promote. This business model is known as top tier direct sales and pays extremely large commissions. It is far easier to make one $10,000 sale, than it is to make 500 x $20 sales.

Obviously the products need to extremely high quality and the demand has to be very high as well to find people that will pay such large amounts for information products. The secret is to do a lot of research on the company and to find conclusive proof that other ordinary people ARE making money from it as well.

But it makes no difference in the end how good your products are, unless you have a simple and effective way to move the product. A great internet business will provide you with a complete online marketing system that comes with all the latest cutting edge marketing tools.

If you try to set up your own system it is going to take a lot of work, and the end result will most likely be that your websites don't convert, and you will not have much idea what the reason is for this. A top class internet marketing system will provide you with a complete online sales funnel that has been designed by professionals.

The product line and the type of marketing system that you use will determine if you have actually found a great internet business, or just another one of the many average businesses out there that exist.

We have been marketing online since 2006 and in that time we have figured out what does work, and also what doesn't work. We are on a mission to help as many people as possible to become profitable online.

Discover the blueprint of a successful online business & save yourself time, money & energy by getting a free copy of our online business starter kit

Test drive the world class online marketing system that we use that to generate automated leads for our business.

This system has tens of thousands of members in over 200 countries, and has been around since 2007. It is known as the worlds biggest and best internet marketing system and boasts the ultimate tools, training and support to give you everything that you need to be successful online.

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Why List Building?

List building is one of the most important things that one can do to build an online business and increase profits. There are three main reasons why list building is so important and so effective. Ensuring that your list building activities are producing good results is key to a successful online business.

List building is effective because each person on your list has volunteered to be there. At some point, they signed up to receive your advertisements, emails, newsletters, and so on. Because of this, they probably will feel obligated to read your emails as well. Getting people to read your emails is just as important as getting them to sign up.

Another reason list building helps build a business is because each of your subscribers is from a targeted audience. In most cases, they didn't land on your page by accident. They clicked a link specifically to see what your site is all about. Once they sign up for your emails or newsletters, they are added to your list. Once you have them subscribed, you can continue to email them with new offers, new programs, and so on.

The third and final reason that list building activities are so effective is that each person who has signed up has a certain amount of trust in you and your business. Trust is very important in any business and even more so in online business. By giving you their email, they have shown you at least a little bit of trust. Now it is up to you to ensure that they stay on your list as an active subscriber.

List building can mean the different between a successful online business or a total failure. After all, being able to sell your product or service is key. Without customers, you do not have any sales. And without list building you won't have very many customers if any at all. Without customers you can't have sales which means you really can't have a business. This means that building your list with quality leads is essential to your success.

Whether you are working in a specific email campaign targeting a very specific audience or you are taking a more general approach, list building is very important. Knowing how to build your lists and how to keep them are also very important. Once you have the list, you need to know how to keep them active and entertained. Maintaining that amount of trust they have placed in you by promoting your products and offering incredible deals is how you will begin showing a profit.

There are several ways to ensure you build a successful list and in turn a successful business. Research several methods and find the one that works best for you.

Steve Duval is a Successful Internet Marketer Helping Others Learn the Skills required to Be Able To make Money Online To Find Out More About Steve and how he can help you

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Regency Property Investment - Make Your Money Work for You

Sunday, 19 June 2011

What Your Target Market Needs to Know About You To Consider You a Credible Service Provider

When you're in the process of developing a description of your target market, make sure that you also consider what that market needs to know about you. If you choose a market for which you have no credentials or credible experience, simple desire on your part is not enough.

Think about what you're looking for in the background of any provider you select. Haven't you had the disappointing experience of thinking you'd found a solution provider only to discover that they had no credible expertise or experience? What is your target market looking for and what information do you need to provide to compel an interested prospect to buy from you? Here's some ideas.

1. They are looking for evidence of massive direct experience in solving problems exactly like theirs.

Presenting yourself as an amateur can totally shut down the sales process when a prospect is at the point of purchase. Prospects need to feel convinced that you know what you're doing, and can deliver on your promises.

2. They need to know that you have expertise that ensures you can solve their problem.

They want to see how you gained expertise and to know that you've worked with many others with their problem. They must understand the details of the solution you've developed. Prospects want to know that you've come up with unique ideas and perspectives and that they have been used successfully with clients over time. If you're truly an expert, you've developed and evolved unique methods, processes and procedures. Make these clear.

3. They want to know what training you've had to prepare you to service their needs.

In some cases, training is a decisive factor. In other cases, training is not the critical factor, but potential clients need to know how the things you've learned qualify you to fulfill their service needs.

4. They need to know that you understand their issues.

They want to feel that you "get' their situation and empathize with what they are dealing with. If you really don't understand the intricacies and the dynamics, your target market will not trust you to be able to solve their problem.

5. They need to know that you understand the solution they want to get.

You must clearly articulate the benefits that they will get from working with you - and they must coincide with what your target market wants to receive.

6. Prospects must feel that you are trustworthy.

Your photo should present you as honest, sincere, and authentic. You need to demonstrate and describe values that are perceived as ethical, fair, and desirable. You as an entity must engender trust. Ability to project trust-worthiness is critical to being able to close business.

These are some of the things that your target market needs to know about you to consider you a credible service provider. Consider all this when you're targeting a market.

Suzi Elton provides business writing that attracts targeted prospects to your service business and converts them into clients for you. She is a Robert Middleton Certified Action Plan Marketing Coach, as well as a professional writer. Her website offers a free series of 8 assessments you can use to analyze your own site.

To learn about her Robert Middleton style Web Site Tool Kit Writing Package, go to

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